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The music is for you to enjoy, use, and to help you in your special 'you' time, for individuals and therapists of all forms alike. Over the years it has become clear that the music carries an >>>

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    A new, unique piece of music played by my hands for you I need your full name and date of birth..and country of residence....I do not need a photo. ...


NEW: My Musical Offering for Weddings, Anniversaries and Marriage Vow Renewals

My Marketing team and I have been working together on a new musical offering for Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries and Marriage Vow Renewals. We have put together an exciting new product for my >>>

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Personalized Wedding/Vow Music

My interpretation of the Tol Wedding Ceremony on December 27th, 2013, with gratitude to Cinthia Stafford and Abraham Tol. In case you want me to make my interpretation for you both, as a ceremony or memory of your Wedding, Engagement or Aniversary. Please contact me or order.

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Hi everyone...this morning my AOL email account was hacked so you may have an email saying I am in the Ukraine needing money.. THIS IS NOT TRUE. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY OR SEND MONEY I am sorry for this inconvenience...David
  This year December is a special time at the Angel Gallery at Alet les Bains.   "12 Days of Christmas" Celebration   From December 10th to 22nd inclusive we invite you and your friends to come and hear some of Lorries experiences with the Angels followed by a meditation by candlelight played live by David Bailey in the Gallery

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